BCN Scalp

What is BCN Scalp Treatment?

BCN mesoceuticals® provide effective, safe and scientifically proven solutions as a result of years of continuous research and development in our laboratory. Non-invasive, painless treatments, without side effects and with immediate results that allow effective and 100% personalized correction of facial and body aesthetic diseases such as skin aging, localized fat, melanic spots, hair loss, flaccidity of skin, cellulite, stretch marks, acne scars, etc.

BCN Scalp Actions

  • Recovery of the natural state of damaged skin and skin regeneration
  • Protection against external aggressions by its repairing and accelerating of healing actions
  • Hydrating and humectant action
  • Stimulation of the epithelial metabolism
  • Treatment of seborrheic alopecia, due to its antiseborrheic and eutrophic action on the skin and the hair follicle
  • Coadjuvant in any type of alopecia
  • Reduction of itching and maintenance of hydration of the skin and hair, with the consequent effect of reducing the signs of aging


BCN Scalp contains active ingredients whose loss or deficiency can cause hair loss: dexpanthenol and biotin. It also includes other B vitamins and iron.

  • Recovery of lost hair and prevention of its fall
  • Strengthening, revitalizing and growing of hair
  • Repair of damaged hair due to environmental aggressions (sun, contamination, etc.)
  • Re-pigmentation of hair and prevention of its discoloration
  • Prevention and elimination of seborrheic dermatitis symptoms, dandruff, seborrhea and eczema

Before and After

  • Before-bcnone
    Before bcnone After
  • Before-bcntwo
    Before bcntwo After
  • Before-bcnthree
    Before bcnthree After