Faith Anti-Aaging plaster Collage Skincare Facial


FAITH has developed an extensive, results-driven line of patented skincare products. In collaboration with scientists from Tokyo University of Science, FAITH continues to lead the industry with advanced bioscience technology and research. Our integrated skincare system improves skin cell reproduction, while enhancing the skin’s own natural healing abilities using safe, paraben-free, ingredients – all of which do not contain harmful active oxygens which are known to cause aging in the body’s tissues.

Treatment Time: 90 mins
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Core Technology

Faith’s core technology, was developed by Chihiro Kaise, Ph.D. and Teruhisa Kaneko, Ph.D., scientists at Tokyo University of Science. After more than a decade of research the scientist were able to wrap fresh strands of collagen around a microscopic nano capsule.

Because of its size and shape fresh collagen molecules can’t penetrate the skin. Dr. Kaise and Dr. Kaneko solved issue this by wrapping strands of fresh collagen around phospholipid nano capsules. These nano capasules wrapped in fresh collagen, penetrate the stratum corneum layer of skin to repair the cellular structure of the skin for improved texture and clarity.

Nano Capsule In Action

A nano capsule wrapped in fresh collagen, penetrates the surface of the skin. This patented technology is the world’s best collagen delivery system. The capsule (blue ball) is suspended in a solution of hyaluronic acid and elastin. The green strands are the triple helix fresh collagen. Key features are:

  • The world’s most powerful collagen delivery system.
  • Faith’s patented nano capsule technology penetrate below the surface of the skin
  • to repair and improve your skin from the inside out.

Why Fresh Collagen is Best

Unlike other types of collagen, fresh collagen, with its triple helix structure most closely mimics the triple helix structure of your skin’s natural collagen and has proven the most effective at repairing your skin.

Results Driven Research With Uncompromising Commitments

Faith products are free of parabens, mineral oils, phenoxyethanol, ethanol, synthetic surfactants, fragrances and coloring. Our preservatives are almost 100% derived from plant extracts.