Japan magic Bubble

What is Magic Bubble?

Magic bubbles are not ordinary bubbles made by soap or facial cleanser, but the bubbles is generated by the Magic Bubble instrument, which contain a lot of active oxygen. Through using the Japanese ultrasonic cleaner that has 28,000 low-frequency vibrations per second, it emulsifies the sebum and secretions in the pores, as well as remove the ageing keratin.

How does the bubble work?

With the Japanese patented technology ozone metre, the machine can generate high-quality and appropriate concentration of ozone, then it injects it into dense bubbles containing whitening factors, to achieve the results of adsorbing Heavy metals in the skin break down chemicals, activating epidermal cells, and whitening silky skin at the same time.

What is the effect of Magic Bubble?

It has the effect of deeply sterilising the body and face, removing mites, activating cells, and removing acne. It can also clean the dirt that is left from the cosmetics and heavy metals in the skin. It ensure the moisture and oxygen are sufficient for the skin and collagen is well formed. Magic bubbles targets the acne from the back and acne skin, in order to brighten the skin and improve the texture of skin.