Planet Venus CO2 Customised Scalp Treatment (Oil/Dry/Sensitive/Dandruff) 90 mins

63% of people are experiencing the various scalp issues like oily, dry, itchy, sensitive and dandruff. A CO2 customised scalp treatment is more exclusive and professional as it targets on the common issues of scalp like oily, dry, sensitive and dandruff. Through implementing a scalp analysis, we’d better understand the scalp condition and the use the products that are based on the scalp need and ensure different types of scalps will be well taken care. (Recommend 3-4 sessions to see the improvement)

CO2 Customised Scalp Treatment Procedures:

  • Scalp analysis
  • Head massage
  • Cleansing the scalp with Planet Venus Cleansing Lotion
  • Washing hair with using the shampoo from Planet Venus
  • Carbonated water spa
  • Applying the hydrated scalp lotion
  • Applying the hair mask
  • Nano Steaming and hand massage
  • Neck and shoulder massage
  • Scalp Serum spray
  • Simple Dry-off (No styling)