Pola Anti-Aaging Plaster Facial

POLA’s Beauty Theory

POLA assumed that possibilities for beauty lie within the 98% of DNA considered “junk DNA” and deemed unnecessary for life. POLA focused on LINC00942 from among more than 50,000 genes in the junk DNA. They discovered that this was the key that turns ON the genetic switch.

Treatment Time: 90 mins
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POLA Facial Treatments

POLA Facial Treatments help you look the way you’ve always wanted to look. These treatments are much more than a soothing, healing experience. They’re the start of a lasting relationship that redefines the concept of personal beauty care.


Pola Anti-Aging Plaster Facial Beauty treatments use special cosmetics that contain 10 times more content than self-care products. Low-frequency treatments incorporating the most beauty ingredients in POLA ESTHE treatments, to stimulate the cheeks for intensive care. Beauty ingredients are delivered to every corner of the skin (stratum corneum), for clear, translucent skin, a firm resilience, and skin with a three-dimensional glow. A plaster facial mask that envelops the face and neck. Enjoy the transition of scents which will bring a sense of elation.

Fulfilling Steps

We will provide facial and decollete Care, and head and foot care. We would like to support “skin to achieve” for customers.