POLA Enzyme Facial

Discover the Journey of Initial Facial Care with POLA

POLA treatments are the start of a lasting relationship that redefines the concept of personal beauty care. Experience the beauty you’ve always dreamed of. Uplift yourself and brighten your days. With POLA, one step at a time.

Treatment Time: 75 mins
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Get Refreshing with Your Weekly Facial Routine

75-minute, professional*beauty treatments ,weekly skin care for customers who need Basic Cleansing and hydration. Enjoy skin overflowed with the moisture, cleanliness and translucence. While experiencing the meticulous facial care, the unique scent of POLA fragrance brings you to the green field, which helps you unwind.

Steps for POLA Enzymes Facial

Along with your facial and decolletage area care, both head and foot are also comprehensively being taken care.