What is Whishpro?

The WISHpro is the first of its kind as it is the only capsuled skin treatment available worldwide. Wishpro uses Magnetic Infusion Technology (MIT) to treat the skin without penetration or pain. This treatment uses capsules of skincare serum to treat common skin concerns. Wishpro has 13 different capsules available and four application heads, each with their own speciality. The ranges of capsules include active pro-long line, infusion line, natural line, aging process control line.

Why Choose Wishpro

Wishpro treatments can target several skin concerns by combining different capsules. Wishpro treatments are an advanced take on facial treatments as they are customisable. The treatment is tailored to our patients, with each capsule combination created to treat a patient’s individual concerns.

What Can Be Treated with Wishpro?

The Wishpro is used to treat several skin concerns and problems. Patients experience an improvement in their acne, fine lines, wrinkles and uneven skin tone. This treatment causes a reduction in the visibility of eczema and large pores as well as an improvement in the quality of dehydrated and dry skin, sensitive skin and sagging skin.

  • 660 nm Red LED for rejuvenation
  • 420 nmBlueV LED for Acne.
  • Magnetic Pulsing for facial lymphatic drainage

The WISHPro Platform